The Good Fight 4: Writing Ball

It's time for the weekly check in! I ramble a bit as I discuss the difficulties of comic writing and preparing for the next big book. 

Also, today I discussed discord and community building a bit. If you have a discord, you can join the Champions Secret Hideout!

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The Good Fight 3: Strolling Goals

Join me in this brief episode as I walk on my way to writing wildly. (I've been hooked on alliteration lately) I reflect on what I've been able to power through in these last few bustling days. I have some successes and plan the next week. Oh! And thank you all for the feedback. It's stellar to hear from you. I'f you'd like me to answer any questions in next week's episode drop me a line here or at

The Good Fight 2: Planet Comicon


This is a review of my failures and successes at Planet Comicon. I give you a brief story of the first couple days at the show and what I believe my hurdles were while I was there. In short, it was tough. But It have lots of ideas for the next gig!

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