Comics, Storytelling, and Education


As a member of the Artists in Schools and Communities roster in both South Dakota and Nebraska, I visit various schools throughout both states to teach students the art of making comics. I work with kids as young as kindergarten all the way through seniors in high school. Depending on the project, we focus on becoming better storytellers, drawing more objectively, and executing the principles of comics.

I believe comics are a great gateway into reading, storytelling, and self expression. The accessibility of tools such as paper and pencils makes comics an outlet any school can explore with their students. Furthermore, the endless options for publication, including online, make comics a format students can deploy for sharing their work with their communities.

To hire me in South Dakota visit the South Dakota Arts Council

To hire me in Nebraska visit the Nebraska Arts Council

Residency list

  • Robert Bennis Elementary - May 2018
  • Lakeview SD - April 2018
  • Rosebud SD Elementary - March 2018
  • Wessington Springs Elementary - November 2017
  • Anne Sullivan Elementary - November 2017
  • Madison Middle School - October 2017
  • Castlewood SD School District - March 2017
  • Kimball SD School District - December 2016
  • Chamberlain, St. Joseph's Indian School - December 2016
  • Sisseton SD School District - November 2016
  • Anne Sullivan Elementary - November 2016
  • VAAC Messy Hands Summer Camp - July 2016
  • Gregory SD School District - July 2016