Residency Features

Typical residencies bring forth the inner workings of creating comics to the students. From the necessity of good storytelling, to storyboarding, planning, and drawing and inking their own comics, students will learn every facet of the comicking craft. Schools may choose to put a greater emphasis on writing good stories to meet English and writing standards. Conversely, the course may also focus heavier on artistic concepts such as character creation, framing and composition, and contrast. Older students will take on the challenge of creating a comic together. Students will be able to keep a digital copy of the finished work, and all of the components they have worked on throughout the class.


South Dakota Programs

Artists In Schools & Communities (AISC) is a residency program for K-12 schools and community organizations, with matching funds from the South Dakota Arts Council (SDAC). Artists In Schools & Communities residencies range in length from one week to a full school year. A project can be designed to fit all elementary through secondary school needs regardless of size, locale, or existing arts curriculum. Residencies can also be designed for the community at large. By working with teachers, parents and the community, an artist will create a residency that can inspire participants to learn more, not just about art, but life itself. These artists share their talents with students of all ages in workshops, demonstrations, seminars and residencies both in and outside the classroom.


Outside State Programs

Schools and communities from outside South Dakota are also welcome to invite Dylan into their environments for structured courses. Whether its for a few days, a week, or more, Dylan is able to work with your budget or needs to bring the art of making comics to your community. These programs can be built more intimately with the artist and tailored precisely to fit within the interest of your community. This program is also extended to businesses who are for profit within the state of South Dakota.



Dylan is available to work your next event. Whether he's working with your community to enrich their comic knowledge, or simply attending to draw caricatures of people participating, he can liven up the party. Prices are competitive and participation can be structured to your specific needs.

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