The Drawcademy is an online drawing mentorship featuring regular lessons on Tuesday nights at 7pm CST. These lessons feature a monthly theme, structured for all ages, which will help you become better creators.

How to Join

Joining is easy. Drawcademy membership is being handled via Patreon, in order to streamline our lives. All Champion tier patrons, pledging $25, now have access to the Drawcademy and will receive weekly invites. Don't fret! All of your previous Champion tier perks will remain, you're just getting more.

Monthly Themes

Each month, the Drawcademy will focus on a theme, in order to hone our skills in that area. A monthly Patreon post will be created ahead of the coming month with the upcoming theme, and the two that will follow. You can also subscribe to the Drawcademy Newsletter for this information as well.